Death to the Frog!

Most people in the UK will by now be sick of Crazy Bloody Frog[1]. A little relief can be found courtesy of HateThatFrog. OK, it’s just another variation on those silly penguin games that went around a while ago, but you do get to splat the frog, so it’s got to be worth a look. :grin:

Update: Another disappeared site!

[1] And no, I’m not giving a link. If you really want to know, you’ll have to use Google[2] to find the damn thing
[2] Or whatever search engine you prefer

4 thoughts on “Death to the Frog!

  1. Michèle

    When I googled for “Crazy Bloody Frog”, all I got was links to people who were ranting about how much they hate it (yourself included)!

    One person said, “Also irritating is that the frog has genitals. Nobody needs that. Put ’em away, crazy frog.” LOL!

    I did find this, the “Monty Python Solution”: (that links to a short video)

    So, uh, what is this “Crazy Bloody Frog” thing, anyway? Some sort of ringtone?

  2. Les

    It started with an annoying sound, which you might recall being on a website where there was an image of a racing car. It was labelled the “insanity test”, I think.

    The annoying sound was turned into a ringtone which has been aggressively marketed (TV ads in particular).

    Someone then mixed the ringtone with Axel F to make an annoying track which was released as a single, and thanks to excess marketing and kids wanting to annoy people, sold quite a lot. Outsold Coldplay’s new single in the week it was released, which annoyed Chris Martin somewhat.

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