Doctor Who – Bad Wolf

Just when you think Doctor Who can’t get any better, it does. Here we are with the penultimate episode of the new series, and things are building up to a seriously big climax.

The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack have been transported to a bizarre TV studio, where they find themselves having to take part in deadly versions of reality TV shows. The Doctor has to force himself out of a Big Brother house, where eviction is a little more final than in current versions. Meanwhile, Rose is faced with the rather aggressive Anne Droid[1] on The Weakest Link and Captain Jack narrowly avoids an extreme makeover from a pair of fashion guru robots[2].

After only a little mayhem, the Tardis crew stop the TV shows, and discover some disturbing information:

  • The TV studios are on the same space station the Doctor visited in The Long Game earlier in the series. A century has passed, and something has gone wrong. The Doctor thought he’d set history back on its proper path, but it seems his actions created the present situation. He realises that someone or something has been manipulating human history, and his life.
  • It turns out that the people apparently being killed in the reality TV shows are in fact being sent somewhere by matter transmitter. This is good news for the Doctor, because it means Rose has not, after all, been killed by Anne Droid.
  • And finally, after blocking the cloaking transmission that was the real purpose of the space station, the Doctor discovers what’s really been going on. Out at the edge of the Solar System are two hundred spaceships. Dalek spaceships, each with over 2,000 Daleks aboard. And no prizes for guessing where Rose has ended up.

The Daleks tell the Doctor to surrender, or they will kill Rose. He refuses, and tells them that he’s coming to rescue Rose, save the Earth from their invasion, and finally destroy them all.

Next week’s series closer looks like being a lot of fun indeed. Thousands of Daleks, loads of mayhem, and we’ll find out just how the Daleks survived the Time War. The trailer gave a bit of a hint, and we’ve been warned that an old adversary would be returning. So who is the Bad Wolf? As far as I can see, it’s one of two possibilities: Davros[3] or The Master[4]. As the Master was supposedly killed off in the TV movie, I’m betting on Davros…

[1] Voiced by the actual Anne Robinson
[2] Voiced by some people known as Trinny and Susannah, who I’ve managed to avoid so far
[3] Creator of the Daleks, barking mad, really doesn’t like the Doctor very much
[4] Renegade Time Lord, barking mad, really doesn’t like the Doctor very much

15 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Bad Wolf

  1. Tim

    I think Badwolf might be the kid from earlier in the season who was left with a computer in his forehead, he then later becomes Davros! In the 70s show Davros has a blue light in his forehead could this be the kid the doctor and rose picked up?……

  2. Les

    Now that would be fun :bouncy:

    Certainly Adam could be a cause of trouble, but could he somehow end up becoming Davros? Can’t think of any obvious ways for that to happen, but who knows??

  3. Russell

    My money’s on the Tardis being “Bad Wolf”. Reasons as follows:-

    It can psychically influence people (as mentioned by Doctor when expalianing about the language thing to Rose in “The End of The World”) and could therefore be affecting people in the time zones the Doctor visits by implanting the name “Bad Wolf” in people’s consciousnesses to try & alert him to the threat from the Dalek’s “Long Game” – even going so far as to get them to name their TV channels/corporation “Bad Wolf”.

    In “The Unquiet Dead” Gwyneth says to Rose that she’s seen the “Big Bad Wolf” when reading her thoughts and reacts in fear. This would suggest that “Bad Wolf” is something that Rose has already come into contact without being aware of it’s true significance.

    The Gelth, who state their physical form was destoyed as a result of the Time War, would be aware of the Time Lords and, therefore, possibly the Tardis and could have warned Gwyneth it was a threat in anticipation of the Doctor’s potential intervention in their plans to invade the Earth. And given that Gwyneth does not appear to fear the Doctor himself that would rule him out as a suspect.

    And the Doctor himself does comment (in Boom Town I think) that no-one really knows what the heart of the Tardis is or how powerful it is.

    The only flaw in this theory that comes to mind (at the moment anyway) is why doesn’t the Tardis just communicate directly with the Doctor instead of trying to lead him along with clues/hints – unless of course Gallifreyan physiology makes this impossible. After all, who’d want to travel in a vehicle that can control your thoughts?!

  4. Darren

    Sorry – that wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped for. Try this –


    *DA* V ROS*


    Mmmm. Intriging. Did Adam really have a thing for Rose? Who has planted the hidden text to Rose on the Bad Wolf website – is it Mickey (Ricky?) or is Adam making a point? Will his spike point ultimately become Davros’ middle eye? Discuss class!!!

  5. Der Martin

    I think that RTD is really lapping it up messing with our heads :duh: there are many red herring coincidences planted by the man himself both on the web and in the series. Only a few will mean anything significant. My theory is posted on another site so I wont repeat it here. But I do think that regardles of how many different endings there might be, the one shown on saturday will not feature Old villans like Davros or the Master.

  6. Les

    All good stuff, innit? Bringing back Doctor Who at all would have been a great achievement, but Russel’s done something much more – gradually revealing the Time War stuff, dropping in links between stories, and building the series to a huge climax.

    Not long to wait now. That’s what I keep telling myself.

    Is it Saturday yet? :smile:

  7. Les

    Good point. But we are dealing with time travel, so just about anything is possible. Of course, as Der Martin pointed out, we’re probably all going round in circles of confusion, and the answer will be something else altogether.

    But hey, less than 24 hours to go. :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

  8. Dean

    The tv listings appear on a website which have given away the Emperor Dalek in the credits. Now Davros was the only Emperor Dalek to appear on the TV series others were in the comic strip. However the credits dont mention the actor that plays Davros so guess its not Davros and will be a little disapointing on that front.
    Good watching though!

  9. Jack

    Well I hope people now realise how incredibly wrong they are. However, not having been alive to see the original series’, I have only now heard some interesting theories such as Adam being Davros. However, some people have been pretty stupid, mainly jake, who thinks that Adam wasnt born in the first episode. Say that was 2005, he was at least 16 in 2012, so quite clearly was alive. I am impressed with Russel’s theory though, despite being wrong, it was pretty good, and fairly close. But Bad Wolf was never a living being, its just two words.

  10. Les Post author

    Jack? Not Captain Jack? :wink: Well, yes. All the speculation was a lot of fun, and lots of people were wrong. And some were part right. Of course, the earliest reference to Bad Wolf was in The Unquiet Dead, which was set well before Adam was alive. Rumour has it that it was even before I was alive, though some of my “friends” might dispute that….

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