Daily Archives: Friday, 17th Jun 2005

More ups and downs

Well, an up, anyway. This morning’s weight was up to 200.8 pounds (14 stone 4.8 pounds, 91.1kg). Still below the 14½ stone point, so I’m moderately happy with that. :yes:

Having done five exercise bike sessions in the last week, I’m taking tonight off.

WordPress: The Next Generation

I’ve been using WordPress for a while now, and I’m generally happy with the way it works, and I’m comfortable with tweaking, templating, using plugins and actually using it. So I’m definitely interested in its future development. The next version, tentatively numbered 1.6[1] has now started Alpha testing. That’s the stage at which you’re only going to play with it in a test environment, because it will break something. Owen Winkler, author of the Exhibit plugin I use for the image gallery pages on Losing it[1], has written an interesting post about some of the new features. Looks very interesting indeed – the interface for writing new articles is going to be a lot fancier, with nifty clicky things. :bouncy:

I’ll probably have a play on a test site at some point.

[1] But going on previous form, it will probably get a higher number when it’s finally released