Daily Archives: Saturday, 18th Jun 2005

Les’s Devblog

I’m having a play with the alpha code of what is currently known as WordPress 1.6 over at Les’s Devblog. So far, it’s a basic site, with no plugins, and no customisation of the design. Just seeing if it works.

I see that the title is being pushed out with numeric wossname codes for the apostrophe. Interesting. Very interesting, as they displayed a code number thing over here, so I had to edit it a bit.

There’s not a lot to see over there, so you probably don’t want to bother. :wink:

Doctor Who – The Parting of the Ways

Oh. Wow. The final episode of the new Doctor Who series didn’t so much fulfil my hopes and expectations as jump all over them, shout “Call those expectations?? I can do much better than that!”, and leave me sitting in front of the TV yelling for more.

So, the Daleks, or some of them, survived the Time War. It seems the Emperor Dalek’s ship survived, and he lurked in the dark, becoming madder than ever[1], and manipulating humanity in order to harvest humans to create a new race of Daleks. Only Daleks with a difference – they are now religious maniacs worshipping the Emperor Dalek. Oh joy.

The Doctor and Captain Jack rescue Rose from the Daleks and return to the space station to prepare for the Dalek invasion. As Captain Jack leads a small group of defenders, the Doctor prepares a weapon that will destroy the Dalek fleet, but if used would also destroy all life on Earth. Realising that the situation is hopeless, the Doctor tricks Rose into getting into the Tardis, and sends her home.

Now the Daleks sweep through the station, killing everyone in their path – even Captain Jack.

Back in the present day, Rose is determined to get back to the Doctor, and thinks of a cunning plan. Aided by her mother and Mickey, she manages to open the Tardis, and looks into its heart.

Just as the Doctor admits that he is incapable of destroying humanity by firing his Delta Wave weapon, and all seems lost, a transformed Rose arrives in the Tardis and reduces the Daleks to dust. We finally learn that the Bad Wolf was Rose[2]. Using the power of the Time Vortex, she scatters the words BAD WOLF through time and space to give herself the message she needed.[3] She also brings Jack back to life, but she has absorbed the power of the Time Vortex, which is far too much for any living being to survive.

The Doctor kisses Rose, drawing the power of the Vortex into himself, then carries her into the Tardis. Leaving Jack behind, the Doctor says a kind of farewell to Rose, knowing that he won’t see her again in the same way.

After a spectacular regeneration sequence, the new Doctor (David Tennant) appears. And grins.

There’s going to be a Christmas special, and a new series next year. I can’t wait. :bouncy:

I’ll be following up with a more general post about the series later on…

[1] And let’s be quite clear: on a good day, when they’ve taken all their medication, and nobody’s upset them at all, Daleks are totally bonkers.
[2] So maximum points to everyone who got that right, and minus several million points for me :laugh:
[3] All good temporal paradox stuff :bouncy:

Just trying something….

I’ve just installed the MyMooMus plugin. The idea is that I can add a note of my current mood[1], or more likely what music I’m listening to, to posts.

Let’s see if it works.

[1] Grumpy, very grumpy, incandescent with rage, etc