Summer’s here!

It’s been a hot, sticky day. When I went out at around midday, it felt very hot – it was hazy, but I could feel the sun. Not being a hot weather person, I didn’t enjoy this much.

Now I’m enjoying some lovely thunderstorms and seriously heavy rain.[1]


More Rain

An hour or two ago, there was even some hail – quite large stones which melted on impact…

Nice to see that the weather icon thingy on the sidebar is accurate, though!

[1] The road outside is bearing an interesting resemblance to a river :eek2:

4 thoughts on “Summer’s here!

  1. Twisty

    Having nothing to do with this blog entry, might I just say that I really like the addition of flickr, and think the makepovertyhistory banner is very kewl in its diagonalness.

  2. Les

    Yes, Flickr is quite a nice thing, isn’t it?[1] That Flashy thing (which they call a “badge” for reasons that are not altogether clear to me) is pretty cool. Did you try clicking on one of the images and seeing what happens?

    The Make Poverty History banner is also a Good Thing. Very easy to add to any website using the copy and paste code available on the Get Involved page.[2]

    [1] Of course, you could have commented on a more relevant post, but I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much from crazy furriners :rolleyes:
    [2] You could have made that comment on a more relevant post too :tongue:

  3. Twisty

    Of course I clicked on one of the images, you crazy feignerer. The slideshow feature is quite elegant – I like clicking through all of the pics without the webpage changing. I couldn’t help but notice you’re a fan of mullets, too – good on ya! I admire a man who’ll stand up for something the rest of the world would mock and deride – what courage, what independence, what style!

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