This weekend bloat thing…

…seems to be pretty consistent. This morning’s weight was up again to 203.0 pounds (14 stone 7 pounds, 92.1kg). Humph, mutter, etc.

I decided it was too hot and sticky to do the exercise bike thing today. Maybe tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “This weekend bloat thing…

  1. Sam Judson

    I can’t be bothered to even look but has your weight gone down at all since starting writing this blog – I know mine hasn’t since I started reading it! (although I count myself lucky to be a couple of pounds ahead of you to start with!)

    I think this blog may be cursed!

  2. Les

    :laugh: Well, just about the earliest recorded weight was 209 pounds (14 stone 13 pounds, around 95kg). But before I started the weblog thingy, the peak weight I recorded was 235 pounds (16 stone 11 pounds, 106.6kg) :eek:

    More to the point, I have managed to redistribute the weight a bit. Smaller waist, bigger shoulders, that kind of thing.

    Losing it[1]: the blog you can eat between meals :lol:

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