Daily Archives: Tuesday, 21st Jun 2005

No real change

This morning’s weight was down a whisker to 202.2 pounds (14 stone 6.2 pounds, 91.7kg).

Did another 10km on the exercise bike, with a peak heart rate of 140, which is probably due to it being a bit warm this evening. Talking of the weather, I thought the summer was over when I got up this morning. It was damp, overcast and generally not very nice. But by lunchtime[1] it had cleared up, sun shining, and all that kind of thing. The walk home was very pleasant, too. :smile:

[1] A rather nice item from those Subway people.

Shocking Grammar Abuse!

I saw this sign in the window of the Post Office in Newcastle.


I’m not sure what’s worse – removing a useful service and claiming it’s for our own good, or the spelling. Don’t they have speelchuckers in the Post Office?