Good day

This morning’s weight was holding nicely at 198.0 pounds 14 stone 2 pounds, 89.8kg).

Had the day off as I’ll be working all weekend, and I need some time to relax. And relaxing is just what I did. Had a good sleep (well, I did wake up a few times, but I managed to get back to sleep, which is good), then stayed in bed reading for a while before eventually getting up. After a light (and late) breakfast, I headed to the MetroCentre, where I saw War of the Worlds, which I might get round to reviewing later, and bought the latest Doctor Who DVD release[1], then came home.

After a bit more relaxation, I did another 10km on the exercise bike, with a peak heart rate of 126.

And it’s still very warm.

Back to work tomorrow, lots to do to prepare for the weekend work.

I’m planning on a day like this next week, too. I think I’ll need it :eek2:

[1] That’s the latest from the classic series. I’m waiting for the box set with all the extras for the new series

2 thoughts on “Good day

  1. Sam Judson

    Tell me about the crappy Doctor Who DVD releases so far, I couldn’t believe it when they didn’t have a SINGLE EXTRA on them, especially considering all the Doctor Wh oconfidential stuff that was produced – I still don’t understand why they are waiting for a box set to add that stuff. IT MAKES NO SENSE I tell you.

  2. Les

    Makes perfect sense.[1] Get a quick release out immediately. Sell it to the vaguely curious, who aren’t going to pay for a fancy box set, and to the fans who must have it now. Then sell it again as a set with extras to the fans and collectors. Sneaky, but it probably makes commercial sense of some kind.

    I can wait. I’ve got Blakes 7 Series 3 coming :grin:

    [1] Perfect accounting sense, that is

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