Who ordered rain?

Just a slight change on the weight front this morning – up slightly to 198.4 pounds (14 stone 2.4 pounds, 90.0kg). Getting (and staying) below 90kg seems like a good interim target (even though I don’t really do targets as such). Then the next psychologicackle hurdle[1] thingy is to get (and stay) below the 14 stone (196 pounds, 89.9kg) mark. That would be good. And it’s beginning to look achievable, too.

And there was a slight change in the weather today, too. After several days of clear skies, bright sunshine and high temperatures, it rained a bit today. And you can guess who got a wee bit damp[2] at lunchtime. But it was still warm enough that getting back to the office with a saturated shirt wasn’t really a problem.

[1] I don’t really follow all these sports metaphors :rolleyes:
[2] Or “soaked” as less resilient people might put it :lol: