I’m not sure how that happened…

OK, that’s officially weird. After four days in a very nice hotel, enjoying some very nice breakfasts, four evening meals in restaurants (three courses and drinkies all round) and a couple of rather nice meals on trains, I was expecting to be a wee bit heavier this morning. But no. After all that, my weight this morning was actually down on last Friday morning at jsut 198.0 pounds (14 stone 2 pounds, 89.8kg). Weird.

Probably higher tomorrow, as I just drank a rather nice bottle of wine. (Stressful day, I needed a nice relaxing evening, and a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label was exactly what I needed.)

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure how that happened…

  1. Les

    BMI is a very silly measurement. It was a quite arbitrary scale invented, if I recall correctly, in the 19th century, and really only works for a narrow range of body types, and really breaks down for people of even moderate height. I’m not built like Arnie, and I still have some flab to lose, but I do have a quite large frame, and I’m quite wide across the shoulders. And I am, as they say, “big boned”.

    Body Fat Index is a lot more relevant – must get an accurate measurement of that some time….

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