Daily Archives: Friday, 5th Aug 2005

End of the week

And what a long week. It seems like ages since I’ve had a weekend off, but I’m about to get one at last. The “just before the weekend” weight was 198.2 pounds (14 stone 2.2 pounds, 89.9kg).

After work, went for a couple of drinks and some tasty bar snacks with my staff (all of him). We thought we needed it after all the work we’ve been doing.

The weekend is going to be a lazy one, so the weight figure might well go up a bit…

This feels oddly familiar

A friend[1] sent me this link – Jeb’s Jobs – Technical Support. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. :lol: :lol: :laugh: :laugh:

Anyone who’s had the phone ring just once too often, and then have it ring a few more times will enjoy this.

Lovely stuff. Good animation, too. Any suggestions that the character is based on me are totally unjustified. Well, mostly. Well. I don’t think they’ve been watching me….

[1] Hi William!