Absolution Gap – Alastair Reynolds

Hmmm, this review is a wee bit late, but here goes….

This is a continuation of the story told in Revelation Space and Redemption Ark, but leads us into some new territory.

As usual, there are several threads, which eventually come together. Refugees from the war with the Inhibitors[1] are looking for a haven. Their leader, Clavain has retreated into himself, leaving their colony to be led by a genetically modified pig named Scorpio.

And on the planet Hela, enormous “cathedrals” travel endlessly around the world, waiting to observe a recurring miracle.

Everything comes together in a suitably dramatic manner, and a decision has to be made that will have far-reaching consequences for humanity.

In typical Reynolds fashion, very few things are as they first seem, and it takes a while before events become clear.

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s Reynolds. If you’ve read his other books, you’ll want to read this one, too.

[1] Ancient machines designed to “inhibit” intelligent life by destroying anyone and anything that develops interstellar travel