Daily Archives: Wednesday, 10th Aug 2005

All caught up

Regular readers may be wondering what hit them over the last day or two. I’ve just been catching up on the things I’ve been meaning to post for a while – the weekend working thing drained me of the will to type for a bit, but I’m back to what passes for normal around here now :monster: , and I’ve reviewed all the books in the pile. More will follow, but probably spaced out a little more.

Aberystwyth Mon Amour – Malcolm Pryce

It’s taken me a while to get round to this one, which was first published about four years ago. But it was inevitable that I would read it sooner or later – there’s something irresistible about a Raymond Chandler style private detective thriller with a very heavy dose of black humour, set in a warped version of 1980s Aberystwyth.

Louie Knight is a traditional down-at-heel private eye of the kind we’ve seen in far too many film noir classics. His town is run by the Druids, who have abandoned the robes in favour of sharp suits, and don’t seem that interested in poetry any more.

Myfanwy Moore, a traditionally no better than she should be nightclub singer asks Louie to investigate the disappearance of her young cousin, Evans the Boot. In the usual way, Louie is reluctant to get involved – Evans was involved with some rather unpleasant people, and Louie would rather not find himself going missing.

This has all the usual ingredients, with some slightly unusual variations. Louie’s confidant is an ice-cream seller[1] rather than the usual barkeeper, but the principle is the same. There’s a convoluted conspiracy, with its roots in a war that most people would rather forget, and Louie reluctantly acquires a sidekick.

It’s not perfect – the big pay-off is the identity of the mysterious Gwenno Guevara, which is ever-so-slightly obvious, but apart from that, this is a lot of fun. Some nice weirdness, gratuitous violence, frame-ups, and much much more.

If you like your fiction with an added dose of silliness[2], you might just enjoy this. Being Welsh isn’t essential, but it probably helps :cymru:

There are a couple of sequels out, and I’ll be getting hold of them soon – watch out for the reviews!

[1] Aberystwyth is a seaside town, you know :laugh:
[2] And regular readers will have gathered that I do :yes:

I seem to have found some energy

This morning’s weight was down a wee bit more to 199.2 pounds (14 stone 3.2 pounds, 90.4kg), which is at least heading in the right direction.

This evening, I managed to make a new start on the exercise routine :bouncy: . I stopped almost a month ago[1] when all the hideous weekend working started, as I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to do much[2].

Anyway, this evening, I decided it was time to make a start, so I got on the exercise bike and did the usual 10km, which was fine. Well, I did perspire ever so slightly[3], but that’s not a bad thing. Having done that, I felt like doing a bit more, so I did 180 crunches on the abominable abdominal exerciser, and three quick sets with the dumbbells. All that, and a peak heart rate of 135 was a nice start.

Now I hope I can manage something similar for three nights a week. We shall see…

[1] And I’d only been doing exercise bike work for a while then
[2] Not as young as I used to be, etc
[3] Understatement :eek2: