Daily Archives: Sunday, 14th Aug 2005

Another upgrade

WordPress is now at version 1.5.2 thanks to some bug fixes and more importantly a recent security issue. If this works, email notifications will now be sent when I post by email and from Flickr. Woo hoo.

And version 1.6 is currently in Alpha. Looks interesting, but not quite ready to use for real….

End of another weekend

But the start of a new something or other. First, the ever-popular weight report: down this morning to 199.6 pounds (14 stone 3.6 pounds, 90.5kg), which is still below the psychologicackle 200 pound line, and is therefore quite acceptable for now.

And having had a couple of nights off, I persuaded myself to do some more exercise. As usual, I started with 1okm on the exercise bike, then went on to do 180 crunches[1] on the abominable abdominal exerciser. Not satisfied with that, I did some work with the weights and for the first time in months, a set on the Bullworker. All that got me a peak heart rate of 140.

I’m hoping I can do something similar three times a week. And maybe even get myself on the rowing machine again. :eek:

[1] Owwww!