End of another weekend

But the start of a new something or other. First, the ever-popular weight report: down this morning to 199.6 pounds (14 stone 3.6 pounds, 90.5kg), which is still below the psychologicackle 200 pound line, and is therefore quite acceptable for now.

And having had a couple of nights off, I persuaded myself to do some more exercise. As usual, I started with 1okm on the exercise bike, then went on to do 180 crunches[1] on the abominable abdominal exerciser. Not satisfied with that, I did some work with the weights and for the first time in months, a set on the Bullworker. All that got me a peak heart rate of 140.

I’m hoping I can do something similar three times a week. And maybe even get myself on the rowing machine again. :eek:

[1] Owwww!