Moving forward

Somehow, I managed to forget to weigh myself this morning[1], so Monday’s figure was recorded when I got home from work: 198.8 pounds (14 stone 2.8 pounds, 90.2kg), which is a step in the right direction.

Talking of heading in the right direction, I walked to and from work[2] to day, and managed another exercise session. This was much the same as yesterday’s, except that I increased the resistance on the exercise bike a bit, which was enough of an extra effort to get my heart rate up to 156, a level I don’t normally reach without using the rowing machine. :bouncy:

[1] Probably senility, or something :uhoh:
[2] Over the last few weeks, it’s either been raining enough to put me off, or I’ve been running late in the mornings, or I’ve been too tired to walk all the way home more often than not :???: