Variety is the wossname of thingy

Or something like that, anyway. This morning’s weight was the same as yesterday’s – 198.8 pounds (14 stone 2.8 pounds, 90.2kg).

I walked to and from work again, and managed to do some more exercise this evening. But rather than the usual routine, I decided to get on the rowing machine for the first time in months. As always, this was pretty hard work, and I could only manage five minutes at a time. But I did do four sets of five minutes, making it a total of twenty minutes and a peak heart rate of 156. Puff, pant, sweat, etc. :grin:

That’s three days in a row of moderately serious exercise, which is the best I’ve done in ages – looking back in my records, the last time I worked this hard was April. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it up, but I’ll try :cool:

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