Where is the energy coming from?

This morning’s weight was up a whisker to 199.0 pounds (14 stone 3 pounds, 90.3kg), which is still an acceptable figure. I’m hoping that the exercise I’ve been doing will begin to have an effect soon, and my weight will slip down a little…

I surprised myself by doing a fourth night in a row of exercise. After yesterday’s rowing interlude, I went back to the usual routine: 10km on the exercise bike, with the resistance set one level higher than normal[1] throughout, then the usual 180 crunches, a bit of weight work and a Bullworker session. Peak heart rate for this evening’s fun was 158. Peak perspiration level was very wet. :cheesy:

[1] I have the bike programmed to start at a low level and gradually increase the resistance to a maximum level, then dropping to a minimum then rising again. Each minimum to maximum cycle [2] lasts about five minutes. Rather than the default setting of starting at level 1 and increasing to level 5, which I’ve been using since I got the bike, I’m now starting at level 2 and increasing to level 6. This makes the whole thing a wee bit[3] harder.
[2] Bike – cycle – geddit? :laugh:
[3] That’ll be one of those understatement thingies