It had to be done

Well, yesterday was pay day :bouncy: . And I got a wee bit more money than normal, thanks to all that weekend working I mumbled a bit about last month. So, I decided it was time to buy a new toy.

I’ve been looking at these things for a while, and as the prices have been falling and the quality rising, it was finally time to act.

So, off I went to see those nice Richer Sounds people and got myself a nice Sharp LC26GA5E 26″ widescreen LCD TV.

New TV

It took a bit of button pressing and tweaking on the TV and my DVD player (and a rather expensive cable) to set things up, but my DVDs now look, well, stunning. Combined with my existing surround sound kit, which I got from Richer Sounds a couple of years ago, I now have as good a home cinema set up as I can reasonably hope for. I’ll probably upgrade to a bigger screen at some point in the future (when the prices come down some more… ), but for now, I’m happy. :yes: :grin: :cheesy:

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