Daily Archives: Sunday, 21st Aug 2005

The return of Franz Ferdinand

Anyone who’s been reading Losing it[1] for a while might just recall me getting quite excited about Franz Ferdinand[1] in an earlier post. Well, as I ever so slightly predicted, their album did very well indeed, even winning the Mercury Music Prize.

Their second album, You Could Have It So Much Better with Franz Ferdinand is nearly here :bouncy: . The first single, Do You Want To is out next month, and is getting a lot of plays on radio and TV. I love it already :grin: , and I’m looking forward to buying it, and indeed the album.

And today, I learned that Franz Ferdinand will be playing Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena in November. Not only that, but one of the support acts are Editors, whose debut album The Back Room is rather good…

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday.

[1] Insert standard remark about this not being about any late Archdukes :laugh:

Definitely in the groove

Whatever that means :tongue:

This morning’s weight was back up a wee bit to 199.8 pounds (14 stone 3.8 pounds, 90.6kg), which isn’t bad considering I had a wee drinkie or two last night.

And this evening, I did yet another exercise session. The same routine as yesterday, but with a bit more effort on the rowing bit, which got my heart rate up to a maximum of 157, which is all good stuff.

I think I’ll try a bit of rowing tomorrow. :yes: