The Last Dragon DVD

Regular[1] readers may recall me getting excited about The Last Dragon when it was shown on Channel 4 earlier this year. Well, it’s finally out on Region 2 DVD[2].

So here it is, in all its high-resolution, widescreen glory. Much the same as the original broadcast, but without all those tedious advert breaks. Extra features are limited to a short “making of” documentary, but the main feature is more than enough to make the DVD worth buying.

The dragons (and the unfortunate T Rex[3]) were created by the same team who did Walking with Dinosaurs, and they did a nice job of making the creatures believable.

Note: at the time of writing,’s description has “1985” after the title. This is a bit of a boo-boo. :lol:

[1] And even some irregular ones :wave:
[2] The Region 1 release was ages ago, mutter
[3] See my original review for details