Daily Archives: Wednesday, 31st Aug 2005

Bluetooth Headphones

Update: after just a few months normal use, the neckband on these phones cracked. This looks to be a fundamental design flaw – there is a joint in the plastic part way along the headband, which weakened under the mild stress of being flexed. First the headband looked a bit bent, then it went floppy, and no more sound came out. If I get round to it, I’ll take this up with the manufacturer, but for now, I can’t recommend these any more. Shame. Another thing I noticed when I started using normal phones with my Zen Micro is that the sound level from the cordless phones is much lower than normal.

Now this is something I’ve been waiting to see. I love portable music players – I’ve had many over the years. But I really hate headphone leads. They get tangled. The thin wires inside them tend to crack, leading to crackles or total failure of the phones. Or they just get in the way, and force you to put the player in an outside pocket, or whatever.

Now cordless headphones for home use have been around for ages. Usually bulky things that use infra-red or radio, making them slightly unsuitable for portable use. Now at last, Bluetooth headphones are becoming available. These have small rechargable batteries in the headset and a dongle that plugs into a standard 3.5mm headphone socket. There are a few around, but I opted for the Logitech Wireless headphones for MP3. Apart from being slightly cheaper than some others, the dongle has the headphone plug built in rather than being on a fragile dangling cable.

I ordered them from Computerlink on Sunday night, and they were delivered to the office this morning. The package includes the headphones, the dongle, a mains charger with two connectors, allowing you to charge the headphones and dongle at the same time, a spare pair of foam pads for the headphones and a extender cable if you can’t get the dongle to connect direct to your device.

I charged them up, which only took about an hour or so, then set them up. This is the usual Bluetooth pairing operation stripped to the bone. Just press the button on the headphones then the button on the dongle and wait for the lights to go blue. Then a quick test. Woo hoo. Very clear sound, and I could wander away from the player while wearing the headphones.

I wore them on the walk home[1]. My player was in my bag, the headphones were on my ears, and the sound was rather good.

First impressions: excellent.

[1] Well, the semi-walk home. I had to get the bus from Gateshead, as there was a wee thunderstorm going on with loads of rain..

Woo hoo! Progress!

First, the ever-popular weight report. This morning, I was down a wee bit to 199.2 pounds (14 stone 3.2 pounds, 90.4kg). That’s just below that psychologicackle 200 pounds mark, which is always a Good Thing.

Having been delayed with tedious domestic thingies[1], I thought for a moment that I might not get round to any exercise this evening, but I found the motivation somewhere[3] and managed 20 minutes on the rowing machine, which was pretty hard work, and got my heart rate up to 160. That’s the highest since February. All good stuff.

[1] Doorbell playing up[2]
[2] I said it was tedious!
[3] I think it was hiding behind the sofa