More weekend work

After a few weeks off, and getting used to not having to work at the weekend, it was back to the office today. Loads of fun and games required to install a new server into the rack. In order to fit it in, we had to move a tape library, a fold out keyboard and screen, a KVM switch and two heavy servers up a wee bit. As they were all properly fitted in the rack, this is not a trivial operation.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a matter of taking boxes out, moving their mounting rails and putting them back in. Oh no. There are cables to deal with. Power cables. Network cables. SCSI cables. Not to mention all the keyboard, mouse and video cables. That’s the icky bit that takes the time.

Mind you, I was just along to assist with moving the big bits of kit and to set up the new server once we’d got it in the rack. My assistant Aaron was in charge for the day[1], as he’s worked on the rack before. And I get terribly confused with all those cables[2].

Job done. No more rack work until we shut down some of the older servers and take them out. :bouncy:

[1] I don’t think it went to his head :wink:
[2] It’s my age, you know :uhoh:

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