OK, it was a week off

Well, it’s been over a week since I did any proper exercise. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve been somewhat lacking[1] in motivation and energy this week[2]. I haven’t even been typing my daily dose of nonsense here[4]. Tut, tut, etc.

To make things worse, I didn’t even walk to and from work toady. Well, it was raining a wee bit[1] too heavily this morning to make walking a sensible option[5], so I took the bus. And I had a lift home as I had something a bit awkward to carry[8].

But despite that, my weight doesn’t seem to be suffering – this morning’s weight was 198.4 pounds (14 stone 2.4 pounds, 90.0kg). Must be the bananas.

[1] Aother of those understatement thingies :tongue:
[2] And I don’t want to hear any old age comments, thank you[3]
[3] That means you, Twist :evil:
[4] Sunday morning, catching up, quite shocking
[5] I didn’t want to sit around the office dripping. Computers don’t like water[6] much
[6] Or is that cats?[7]
[7] Not liking water, I mean. There again, computers might not like cats sleeping on their keyboards. :lol:
[8] Details later…

6 thoughts on “OK, it was a week off

  1. Twisty

    Moi?!? I would never mock your ancientness, much as I’d never mock Simon Cowell for looking exactly like some Welsh bloke[1] who masquerades as an Englishman[1]. Pointing out the fact that you’re older than the steam engine is like pointing out a frog’s behind is waterproof – DUH! I might mention, however, that today is the youngest day of the rest of your life – you’re soon to be another year older even – so get off that sexy bum of yours and get thee to the rower!

    BTW, you spelled bananas correctly. I’m concerned all this fatigue is getting to you.

    Something awkward to carry…hmmm…could it have been speakers? Just a wild guess out of the clear blue.

    [1] That would be you

  2. Les

    You compared me to the Cowell person and accused me of masquerading as an Englishman! And made disparaging remarks about my not-that-much-greater-than-yours age! Pah!

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