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I mentioned recently that I’ve been getting more music from Napster lately. Well, this involves listening to music through my PC rather than my main sound system. That’s not so bad, as I do have a fairly beastie sound card, and the PC is otherwise well up to the job[1]. But there was a problem. The speakers were a very basic set I bought for the previous PC, and while they did have a subwoofer, the actual quality wasn’t all that good. So, I decided to look around for something better. I didn’t want to spend a huge amount, but I wanted something that had the power and quality to do the music justice.

I had a look in a few shops, and some websites, and eventually settled on the Logitech X-230. They’re a typical 2.1 speaker system – stereo speakers and a chunky subwoofer for more bass. I found some generally positive reviews here and there, it’s a brand I’m generally inclined to trust, and the specification looked to be good for the price[2]. Unlike my old speakers, the power and master volume switches are on one of the satellite speakers rather than on the subwoofer, making it unnecessary to dive under the desk unless I want to adjust the bass setting. There’s also a headphone socket on the speaker, but I don’t think I’ll be using that – apparently the volume control on the speaker doesn’t affect the headphone output, which seems a bit odd, but there you go.

So, what do you get for your money? Some damn fine sound, basically. The subwoofer is powerful enough to give clear bass at moderate to quite high[3] levels, and the satellite speakers are clear and crisp. Much more detail is clear than with the old speakers.

And for those who care about what their toys look like, these are nicely presented in black with chrome-effect speaker cones. The satellites are angled to project the sound to ear level[4], and the subwoofer isn’t so big that it’ll get in the way under your desk. There are loads of these systems on the market, ranging from cheap and nasty through to seriously good (and seriously wallet-unfriendly). These are at the moderate end of the price range, and serious audiophiles would probably want something better, but overall, I like them.

[1] It was slightly over-specified when I got it early last year :grin:
[2] Typically £40 in actual shops, better deals online
[3] I haven’t cranked the sound up all the way. Don’t want to cause property damage :lol:
[4] Or thereabouts, depending on how big your desk is, how tall you are, and so on

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  1. Twisty

    Very nice! Incidentally, that’s the exact same speaker system my daugher bought a few months ago. Speaking as a mother, I can confirm that they can play VERY loud. :yes:

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