The importance of picking a good domain name

Domain Rookie — Hilarious Domain Name Mispronouncings – this is a good piece on how people’s carefully chosen domain names can be ever-so-slightly misunderstood. For instance ExpertsExchange tended to be misread as ExpertSexChange :duh: . Ooops, etc. There are loads more in the article – it’s well worth a read.

It reminded me that some years ago, I was on a mailing list devoted to Microsoft Exchange Server. All good technical stuff, with occasional[1] diversions into silliness. Unless my poor old brain is more addled than normal[2], the list was run from the domain Once the obvious had been pointed out, it became the usual practice to refer to it as :lol:

[1] Understatement
[2] Shut up, Twisty!

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