Mmmm, Coffeeeeeeee

I’m still happily using the Senseo coffee machine I bought in January. I’ve been enjoying it even more since I discovered that it was possible to get stronger varieties of coffee pods than are generally on sale in the UK. In the Netherlands, a much wider range is available. Until recently, I’ve been buying my supplies on eBay from a useful supplier. But this week, when I realised that it was time to stock up again, there were none of my preferred variety available. :uhoh:

So, I decided to do a little googling[1]. And to my surprise, I found a new supplier, Senseo Direct – now known as Direct Coffee Pods, quite possibly for legal reasons. Not only did they have all the varieties in stock, but the prices were less than I’d been paying on eBay! I ordered an “outer”[2] of Sumatra pods as a test order. Nice, efficient online ordering, ending with a message telling me to expect my coffee within two to five days. Fine. No problem there.

When I got home, I had an email waiting for me, telling my my coffee had been sent out. On a next day delivery service. And sure enough, the goods were delivered to the office the next day. Can’t fault the service, and the prices are very good. For smaller orders, there’s a postage charge of £3.99, which isn’t too bad either.

Senseo Direct would appear to be run by Disking, a computer supplier. Computer people do tend to like coffee…

[1] It’s a verb. Deal with it. :tongue:
[2] That’s the box in which the individual packets are sent to shops. In the case of the Sumatra variety that I prefer, that’s six packs of 16 pods. About the quantity I normally buy, in fact.

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