Bit of a long day

This morning’s far-too-early weight was down a wee bit to 200.8 pounds (14 stone 4.8 pounds, 91.1kg). And why was it early? Because I had to go to work. On a Saturday. Again. This time it was because some new furniture was being delivered, cabling was being done and desks moved, so the IT guys[1] had to do a smaller version of a job we did last year. We started on Friday by disconnecting and moving PCs and phones, then today, once some desks had been fitted, reconnecting them. It’s one of those jobs that always takes longer than you think it should, mainly because running cables through the tracking stuff in the desks takes ages. We had hoped to get it all done today, even if we had to work till 7pm, but as 6pm arrived, it was clear that we had a lot more than an hour’s work ahead, so we stopped and went to get something to eat.

No formal exercise, but I think running around the office carrying computers counts. :grin:

[1] That would be Aaron and me