Could this be progress?

This morning’s weight was a new low at 197.4 pounds (14 stone 1.4 pounds, 89.5kg). If this isn’t just one of those temporary fluctuation thingies, it could mean that my secret target of getting below the 14 stone[1] mark might be within reach. :bouncy:

Did the standard exercise routine again, with a peak heart rate of 153. Pant, sweat, etc :eek2:

[1] An aside: it occurs to me that the psychologicackle levels one has depend on the units one is familiar with. If you’re American, you’ll probably think of boundaries of 10 or maybe 5 pounds. If you’re from most other places, you’ll probably think in terms of 5kg, maybe 10kg boundaries. Brits of my age (and even some younger Brits who’ve been influenced by older Brits) will think of the nearest half stone[2]. Not really all that significant, but it’s the kind of odd thought I have now and then
[2] 1 stone = 14 pounds, and please don’t ask me why, it’s one of those old hysterical[3] thingies
[3] Or possibly historical[4]
[4] Or both :laugh: