Office blunders caused by computer jargon

Asymptomatic spotted this report from the Western Mail[1] about people having trouble understanding computer terminology. It includes the obligatory quote from the kind of user that makes IT staff cry :cry: – not only do they not understand anything, they don’t want to. Bah.

But the best bit is on the second page, where some journalist has provided a “helpful” guide to some complicated IT “jargon”. Presumably this journalist didn’t bother to ask his/her/its IT department for advice.

Quite apart from definitions of megabytes and gigabytes that manage to contain no useful information at all, there’s this little gem:

Excell – this helps to run programs on your PC

Hmmm. All these years of working with PCs and I never knew that. :rolleyes:

[1] Which bills itself as the National Newspaper of Wales[2]
[2] Which means its the morning paper produced in Cardiff