That was a good day…

This morning’s weight was back up a bit to 198.2 pounds (14 stone 2.2 pounds, 89.9kg). That’s still under 90kg, and it’s an acceptable daily variation, so I don’t mind. I’m hoping that yesterday’s new low will be repeated or even exceeded soon, though.

After staying in yesterday, I decided to be more active today. I needed to go into Newcastle, so I took a nice long walk. Rather than the usual route over the Tyne Bridge or the High Level Bridge[1], I walked down to the Swing Bridge, then along the Close before heading uphill[2] and ending up near the Centre for Life. I paid a visit to the Discovery Museum before getting my hair cut[3], doing a little shopping, and having lunch at the always excellent Caffe Nero.[4] I then popped into the office to pick up a delivery from Amazon that turned up a little earlier than expected[5], then had a look at a rather nice exhibition on ancient Egypt at the Hancock Museum.

After all that, I was a bit tired, so I got the bus home just in time to avoid the rain.

Not only that, but I did another full exercise session this evening, with a peak heart rate of 153.

I may need a rest tomorrow. :laugh:

[1] Which isn’t very pleasant to walk across while the repair work is going on – the walkway is surrounded by plastic sheeting, making it into a tunnel with no natural light.
[2] Newcastle and Gateshead are set on either side of the Tyne, and the slope is ever so slightly steep.
[3] I’ll update the Lescam image later
[4] Great espresso, tasty panini and I deny anything involving a chocolate cheesecake :tongue:
[5] Watch out for some book reviews soon :grin: