Enjoying my break…

This morning’s weight was slightly up again to 198.6 pounds (14 stone 2.6 pounds, 90.1kg). Still in the normal fluctuation range, so it’s not a problem. Not yet, anyway.

After yesterday’s long walk, I had a more relaxed day at home today – reading, listening to some music and generally taking it easy.

All this relaxing is leaving me plenty of energy for exercising, so this evening I did 20 minutes on the rowing machine. For the last few minutes this was accompanied by an odd bleeping noise. Yes, the heart rate monitor was telling me that I was over the higher level I set when I first got it last year. The peak rate was 164 – that’s 92% of my theoretical maximum[1]. It’s also the highest figure I’ve ever recorded. Which is interesting, as it didn’t feel as if I was pushing myself that hard. I was working pretty hard, and the rower is usually a good way of getting a high heart rate, but this was a step forward, or something. Certainly my pauses were shorter and the sets longer – I did 2 x 7 minutes and 1 x 6 minutes rather than the 4 x 5 minutes I’ve been doing in recent months, and I didn’t pause long enough for the time counter to reset to zero, which it has been doing.

I’ve now done four exercise sessions in a row, so I think I need a night or two off. :grin:

[1] Based on some dubious calculation involving my age and the square root of an aardvark[2], or some such nonsense
[2] There are a lot of things like that in this fitness thingy. Like Body Mass Index (BMI), which only works if you’re (a) short and (b) don’t have any muscles. But that doesn’t stop people (and governments) making ludicrous statements about it.