Another walk

This morning’s weight was slightly down to 198.4 pounds (14 stone 2.4 pounds, 90.0kg). Must have been the rowing, or something. :yes:

I decided to go for another walk today. I started off with a rare visit to the Shipley Art Gallery, which is currently showing a wider selection than normal of its surprisingly large collection. Given that it’s about five minutes from my door, I really should go more often, but I never seem to get round to it.

I then walked into Gateshead and had a quick look in the Gateshead Visitor Centre, located in what used to be an important church before the population of Gateshead drifted south and away from the river. After standing as a derelict, burnt out shell for many years, it was restored and turned into an auction house, before eventually being taken over by Gateshead Council and starting its new job.

After that, I walked past the Sage Gateshead[1] and into Baltic, which is currently showing British Art Show 6, which like many modern art shows, comprises a mixture of the intriguing, the pleasing and a generous dash of the incomprehensible. Lots of DVDs and apparently random assemblages of stuff. Maybe I’m an old fuddy-duddy[2], but I got a lot more out of the more conventional art at the Shipley.

Then it was across the lovely Gateshead Millennium Bridge and up one of the steeper routes to Newcastle city centre. After a bit of a wander, and a bit of shopping I had a late lunch at Caffe Nero and came home.

It’s been a good week off – I’ve managed to relax quite nicely.

[1] I’ll be going there in December :bouncy:
[2] Shut up at the back!

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