Monthly Archives: October 2005

Getting better

This morning’s weight was unchanged at 201.4 pounds (14 stone 5.4 pounds, 91.4kg), mutter. I walked into work, which felt more like hard work than usual, but the walk home felt much easier.

This evening, I decided to have a gentle start on the exercise routine, and just did 10km on the exercise bike, with a peak heart rate of 140.

I hope next week is better

This morning’s weight was down a wee bit to 201.4 pounds (14 stone 5.4 pounds, 91.4kg). Still lacking in energy, but I’m aiming to get back into walking to work tomorrow. Not sure about any more energetic exercise, but I’ll worry about that later…

I’ll also try to do some more posting here. I have been a bit quiet, haven’t I? :???:

Just to keep the record complete

I mentioned that I’m taking a week off the exercise routine. Well, I’m also taking a week off taking any real notice of the ups and downs in my weight. I’ve been feeling a bit vaguely “off”, so to speak. Not actually ill, but enough below normal energy levels to take the bus to work, which is quite unusual. Anyway, today’s weight was 200.0 pounds (14 stone 4 pounds, 90.7kg).

Doctor Who takes three TV awards

I still get this vague feeling of unreality about the return of Doctor Who. It was amazing enough that the BBC brought it back at all after so long. Then it was even more amazing that the whole thing was done so well[1]. But perhaps the most amazing thing is that it turned out to be such a hit with the general TV-watching public.

And the latest is that it’s winning awards:

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | TV and Radio | Doctor Who takes three TV awards

Woo, and indeed, hoo!

[1] See various other posts…

OK, time for a week off

This morning’s weight was down slightly at 200.4 pounds (14 stone 4.4 pounds, 90.9kg). Walked to work without any trouble, but I was tired enough to get the Metro and bus home. Definitely a bit run down, so I’m officially taking a week off the exercise routine, so there.


Started the day a bit heavy at 200.6 pounds (14 stone 4.6 pounds, 91.0kg). :sad: Had to get the bus to work, as it was raining quite heavily. :sad:

Walked home as far as Gateshead, then got the bus.

Started to do some exercise, then realised I really wasn’t up to it. Felt far too tired, so I stopped. I’ve had a not all that severe cold, but it seems to have been enough to slow me down. Old age, etc… :???: