Last Tango in Aberystwyth – Malcolm Pryce

A few months back, I reviewed Malcolm Pryce’s earlier book, Aberystwyth Mon Amour, which I enjoyed a great deal. Well, here we are with the sequel. Another silly title[1] and another warped novel.

It’s a few years after the Druid-devised flood at the end of the earlier book. While some things have changed, for the most part Aberystwyth is the same old place. A dangerous town of broken dreams. Louie Knight is still plying his trade as a private investigator, and there are more dark secrets to reveal.

As before, this is a twisted take on noir detective stories, with a bizarre Welsh take on things. Girls are enticed to Aberystwyth in the hope of making it big in the “What the Butler Saw” movie industry – and the butler’s seen some pretty bad things…

And the Dean of the Faculty of Undertaking has disappeared into the bed and breakfast ghetto. Do the ventriloquists know more than they’re telling? And what is the terrible truth about the bigfoot-like creature roaming the countryside?

Old friends and foes from the previous book return, some in more unexpected ways than others.

Crazy stuff. You’ll need to pay attention if you want to know what’s going on. And even then, you’re likely to be surprised…

[1] Worse is to come. Stay tuned[2]
[2] Metaphorically speaking

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