That’s better (but not for long)

Not a bad start to the week – this morning’s weight was back down to 199.8 pounds (14 stone 3.8 pounds, 90.6kg).

But I’m off to London tomorrow for three days. That’s three days of big breakfasts and big dinners. And possibly a drink or two at some point.[1] I may or may not remember to weigh myself tomorrow morning[2], and then I won’t have a chance until Friday.[4]

[1] Hi Martin! :wave:
[2] It’s ages since I had to get up that early, so I may be more befuddled than usual[3]
[3] And that’s quite enough from you, Twisty :tongue:
[4] Well, I could do it when I get back on Thursday night, but any figure recorded after a GNER dinner is likely to be a bit high.