Doctor Who – Children in Need special

It’s that time of year again, when BBC1 has a whole evening dedicated to the Children in Need appeal. While it’s a worthy cause, and I’m happy enough to throw some money in its general direction, the actual TV show is generally an exercise in mind-numbing tedium. Z-list celebs, bad music, and the ever-dull Terry Wogan. So, I normally don’t watch. Not even a little bit.

But this year, something was different. As a special treat, the wonderful Russell T Davies prepared a unique Doctor Who scene. Following straight on from the ending of the end of the last series, it showed Rose (Billie Piper) reacting to the Doctor’s (David Tennant) regeneration.

My first impression of David Tennant in the role was very positive indeed. Taking an inventory of his new body, being slightly manic, then reassuring Rose that he is still the Doctor, he made a strong start. Then things start to go wrong – some odd pulses of light or radiation or something[1] come out of his mouth, and he becomes even more manic as he changes the Tardis’s course from Barcelona to London, on Christmas Eve. Which sets things up for the Christmas special, which is due to be shown on Christmas Day.

Can’t wait. :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

[1] Something special-effecty, you know the kind of thing :laugh:

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