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Update: Amazon have sold their DVD rental service to LoveFilm, for reasons that probably make sense economically, but do little to keep me happy. Read my first impressions of the change.

Just thought I’d mention Amazon’s DVD rental service, which I’ve been using for a while now. I’ve used other internet-based rental services before, but didn’t really like them much. My main problem was that having created a list of DVDs I wanted to watch, and carefully placing them in the order I wanted them, I never seemed to get anything from anywhere close to the top of my list. Which made the whole exercise a little frustrating. But things are a little different with the Amazon service. Over the last three or four months, I have consistently been getting the next disc on my list each time. And a lot of those are popular, recently released items, too.

Unlike some other services, this isn’t an “unlimited” rentals deal. You pay a monthly fee for the number of discs you think you’re likely to get through – this starts at £5.99 for three discs, one at a time, up to a top level of £9.99 for 6 discs, three at a time. I’ve found the entry level enough for my needs. If you do want more discs, you can buy extra rentals at £1.99 each.

Now you might be saying that’s not that good a deal compared with other offers of around £10 for as many discs as you can watch in a month, and if you rent a lot of DVDs, you might be right, and this might not be the deal for you.

But what makes the deal for me is that so long as you’re in the rental scheme, Amazon will give you 10% off all DVDs that you buy from them. And as you can get free delivery on orders over £15, and their prices are generally as good as, or better than most other places, this can make this a very good deal indeed. For instance, I saved over £4 off an already low price for the Doctor Who boxed set.

Worth a try – there’s no minimum contract or anything nasty like that. Try it for a month, cancel if you don’t like it.

2 thoughts on “Amazon DVD Rental

  1. Jo

    I was initially enamoured with Amazon’s rental service, but after receiving a number of scratched and unplayable DVDs (ending with 3 in a row) I cancelled the service. I know they replace them and that damaged disks don’t count against your balance, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that you settle down with your feet up, a pizza box in your lap and a beer in one hand to a DVD that then doesn’t work. It kind or ruins the evening if you then have to watch Just The Two Of Us.

    So I have to go with Global. Yup, it’s more expensive, but easier to get your top choice before the DVDs become destroyed.

  2. Les Post author

    Ewww. Sorry to hear that. I must be picking less popular DVDs than you[1]. I haven’t had a dodgy one yet.

    [1] Quite likely, knowing me :eek:

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