Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 is now available. I’ve been using Firefox as my default browser for what seems like ages now, and I had no hesitation installing it this evening. This version has an improved update system, which should make it friendlier for normal people[1]. It’s also a bit faster, and has more useful error messages when pages don’t load for some reason.

I had a bit of fun getting all my extensions to work. Most of them worked immediately, but some needed a bit of brute force. For anyone who’s interested, here’s how I persuaded some extensions[2] that initially wouldn’t install on 1.5.

  1. Instead of clicking on the link for the extension to install it, right click and save it to your desktop, or some other such location
  2. Open the saved file with WinZip, or some other archive program
  3. Extract the install.rdf file and open it with a text editor – TextPad, Notepad, something like that
  4. Find the maxVersion tag and change the value to 1.5. Watch out – some extensions are for Mozilla and Firefox. If yours is one of them, look for the maxVersion tag in a section labelled Firefox.
  5. Save the changed file and put it back in the archive – with WinZip you can just drag and drop.
  6. Close WinZip (or whatever), then open the file from Firefox – pull down the File menu and select Open File. You will then see the normal box for installing an extension. Click the install button and wait.

This might not work for all extensions – if they’re trying to do something that Firefox 1.5 doesn’t like, they might not work, or they might generally misbehave, but it’s worth a try.

This worked for me with:

  • Just Blog It!
  • CromEdit
  • TinyURL Creator

Have fun!

[1] Geeks like me have no problem downloading and installing new versions as they become available, but I can see that a lot of people would be happier with an internal updater that just downloads the new bits as needed.
[2] Including JustBlogIt!, which I’m using to write this post

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