Inspiration of a kind

This morning’s weight was a rather troubling 206.6 pounds (14 stone 10.6 pounds, 93.7kg). I suppose it’s only to be expected after about ten days of generally sitting around and not doing very much while eating more food than I might normally do. But as it’s only a whisker less than I weighed this time last year, it’s definitely not a Good Thing. After all, this site is supposed to be Losing it[1], not Gaining it[1].

Anyway, it was enough to persuade me to make the effort to do some exercise. I haven’t done any regular exercise since October, so it’s a little overdue. Once again, my heart rate monitor developed a bad case of the sulks, so I gave up trying to get it to behave and just used the wrist grip thingies on the exercise bike.

This evening’s exercise consisted of the usual 10km on the bike[1], a total of 200 crunches and a quick set on the Bullworker.

Now I don’t go in for those New Year’s Resolutions[2], but I am going to try to keep up some regular exercise. Oh, and avoid the temptation of getting the bus to or from work.

Speaking of which, it’s back to work tomorrow. Oh what fun.

[1] Eeeeooowwww. It was hard work.
[2] Being somewhat lacking in resolve…