New hair

Just in case somebody[1] wants to see it, here’s my new low-maintenance haircut.

Hair (just)

That should hold it for a couple of weeks…
[1] Hi Twisty!! :wave:

12 thoughts on “New hair

  1. Twisty

    I hate it. It’s positively dreadful. Hell, you can’t even call it “hair”! That’s a….a….a shadow! A vague apparition! A placeholder for what *should* be there!! Where are the lovely locks? The silky strands to run one’s fingers through? The tresses one can bury one’s nose in and revel in the glorious smell of shampoo and cologne? The soft bits one could gently slide across another’s belly or chest or legs or…..? Do you *realize* how you’ve mangled my fantasies?!?!? :cry:

  2. Me

    It makes your head look like a bullet. I mean a certain type of projectile, not a marker for UL. It’ll grow back and go bouncy again.

  3. Les Post author

    That is possibly the most depraved thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to read. Oh, and cologne?? You think I put cologne on my hair??? You really are quite mad, aren’t you?

  4. Les Post author

    The depraved thing being directed at Twisty rather than “Me”, who isn’t me at all. Mutter. Had to do a whois to confirm my suspicions about “Me”. As opposed to my suspicions about me, which are quite unfounded. :huh:

  5. Twisty

    Depraved?!? The only thing depraved around here is that haircut, the effects of which are quite similar to a sheep-shearing! (easy now – don’t get excited) Of course you don’t put cologne in your hair, but tiny droplets of it can get in your hair when you spray it, or if it’s on your hands and then you smooth back your hair….errr…back when that sort of thing was possible, I mean. Oh, the humanity! :no:

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