Some progress

This morning’s weight was down a fair old bit to 205.2 pounds (14 stone 9.2 pounds, 93.1kg). Still too high, but beginning to head in the right direction.

I walked to and from work, without even contemplating getting on a bus, which is good. Just need to keep that up.

I got round to that somewhat overdue haircut at lunchtime. I’ve gone back to the “low maintenance” style, which people tell me suits me. I may do a picture later…

And this evening, I did another exercise session, woo hoo. Once again did 10km on the bike, 200 eeeeooowww crunches[1] and a Bullworker set. The heart rate monitor decided not to sulk today, and told me that my peak heart rate was 161.

[1] I really felt those this time