A small refinement

I like to make small changes to Losing it now and then. The latest is the inclusion of those little icons next to links to other sites. Like this one: WordPress. I’d seen this done on a few sites, and thought I’d give it a try here. Being somewhat challenged in the programming department, the way for me to do this was always going to be a plugin. The first one I tried did the job, but wasn’t quite what I was after, as it added the little icon next to images as well as text links, which looked a bit messy. So I looked around some more, and found Identify External Links by Mark Jaquith. Nice and simple, just adds a CSS class value to all off-site links appearing in posts[1]. I just had to define that, upload a suitable link icon, and it worked nicely. It doesn’t do anything to links in the sidebar, which keeps things a bit tidier, while clearly marking links that will take you somewhere else.

[1] If you didn’t understand any of that, I suggest just nodding :yes: and smiling :smile:

5 thoughts on “A small refinement

  1. Les Post author

    Oh yes, one other small change – I’ve twiddled with the way comments are displayed. Rather than the old alternation of light and dark backgrounds, you’ll now see all comments with the same background. Well, except my own comments, which will have a colour all of their own, so you can tell when I’m replying to a comment. Or babbling like this after one of my own posts. :cheesy:

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