The Crimea – Lottery Winners on Acid

Yet another band I was blissfully unaware of until recently. I saw a review in the NME which sounded intriguing, and when I caught an advert for the single on MTV2 which included a small piece of the song, I was even more intrigued. So, I had a look in Napster, and found not only this single, but the album it belongs to:

Which Napster reckon was first released in 2004. I must have blinked and missed it somehow. I think they must be right, because the band’s site includes a quote from the late John Peel saying Nice Things about the song.

The single Lottery Winners on Acid is a lovely piece. Musically, it sounds not a million miles from the sound of those nice Guillemots people. Lyrically, it’s nicely warped:

If she gets a black eye I want a black eye,
if she gets a splinter I want a splinter too.
If she gets arrested I want arrested,
if she goes tripping I go falling over.

We walk through the street like lottery winners on acid,
everything she say I was thinking anyway.
We walk through the street like lottery winners on acid,
everything she say I was thinking anyway.

Also on Napster, I found a live session featuring three songs from the album and a cover version of I think we’re alone now, done in a pleasantly goofy indie-pop manner, until it breaks off into a semi-spoken bit that subverts the whole song. Or something like that, anyway:

All of a sudden I find myself hurtling through space with only the taste of your lips as evidence that I once battled against your chronic indifference and we couldn’t go the distance. I was left crippled, dead sure of the outcome you lose some, you get thrashed in some.

I’ve been listening to the album on my walks to and from work this week, and I’m really getting into it. There’s something appealing about a band who produce songs with titles like Miserabilist Tango and Bad Vibrations. Or maybe that’s just me. :grin:

The Crimea:

  1. Myspace site – with sample tracks
  2. Official site

Worth a listen – check out the Myspace site where you can hear the single for no charge whatsoever. :cheesy: