Hyperdrive is a new, nicely silly sf sitcom from the BBC. Set in 2151 on the British starship HMS Camden Lock, which has been reassigned from military duties[1] to the, err, vital task of persuading alien species to transfer their manufacturing to the Peterborough Enterprise Zone.

The crew include the amiable Commander Henderson (Nick Frost), the somewhat aggressive York (Kevin Eldon), the rather tall Teal (Miranda Hart) and the geeky engineer Jeffers (Dan Antopolski). The aliens have nicely naff make-up jobs, and the visual effects are not as impressive as they might be. All quite deliberate and knowing, I’d say.

After an accidental coffee spill, Henderson interrupts Jeffers’ work in restoring the systems and resets everything to the default settings[2]. This leads to some fun like a crew member getting this response from a door:

To access the lavatory, enter the first, third and eighty-fourth digits of your security code

And when Jeffers is being menaced by a nasty alien monster that’s already eaten several crewmembers, there’s a gun that won’t fire until the user has accepted its disclaimer.

Nicely silly, very British in its style. A promising start.[3]

[1] It’s sort of vaguely implied that this might be down to the general cluelessness and incomptence of the crew.
[2] Nicely geeky humour there
[3] Most odd. Two new TV programmes in one week that I actually like…