A moderately good start

This morning’s weight was down a teeny weeny bit to 208.0 pounds (14 stone 12 pounds, 94.3kg).

Had a bit of a delay this morning, so I decided to get the bus to avoid being late for work. Ha! Ended up waiting 20 minutes before the traditional three buses came at once[1]. It would indeed have been quicker to walk, mutter.

I was a good boy[2] and restricted myself to a sarnie and a banananananana for lunch. Admittedly the sarnie was a fairly chunky all-day breakfast thingy from those nice Pret people, but it was still less that I’ve had most days lately.

This evening, I persuaded myself to get on the exercise bike for the usual 10km, followed by 200 crunches[4] and some Bullworker stuff. Peak heart rate was 149.

[1] It was rather cold. I think they may have been huddling together for warmth :rolleyes:
[2] Well, I always am, really[3]
[3] Stop laughing!
[4] Owwwwwwww :eek2: