I still say it’s nothing like me

But I bought it anyway. I keep it on my desk at work, which provides some amusement to colleagues, some of whom persist in the outrageous claims that I bear some resemblance to this Simon Cowell person. Naturally, I strenuously[1] deny[2] these allegations.

Still not Les

The model, which looks nothing like me is quite amusing, really. Its disproportionately large head wobbles, and when you press the button and it says:

That was pathetic


Words can’t express how dull you are


You are the most boring person I have ever met

Or words to that effect, anyway. Quite useful when certain people approach my desk :grin:

[1] Or is that dramatically? :lol:
[2] And I deny that I do that a lot :tongue:

8 thoughts on “I still say it’s nothing like me

  1. Twisty

    :lol: Too funny. So your work colleagues *also* think you look like Simon? Funny how it seems everyone who knows you has reached the same conclusion. :tongue: With those sound bits of Simon’s, I doubt your cow-orkers will be able to tell which of you is speaking. :yes: You did the right thing – that doll is just so…..*you*. :lol:

  2. Etie

    Stunning resemblence… and your coworkers seem very preceptive. One can imagine this abusive doll talk is just more of the same for them.

  3. Les Post author

    Mutter. An aside to general readers: these people you see abusing me are my friends (well, fiend in Twisty’s case). And all I get is abuse, :cry:

    For your information, the first person to make the Cowell claim was a colleague. One that some of you know, even. As to the glasses, I usually wear contact lenses, so that wouldn’t really help. And as for you, Mr Etie, are you suggesting that I would abuse people? How rude!!!!! :eek2:

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