More progress

Good stuff. This morning’s weight was down again to 206.8 pounds (14 stone 10.8 pounds, 93.8kg). Looks like my new lunch policy is beginning to work. :smile:

I walked to and from work again[1]. I’m sticking to the extra effort version of the walk via Bottle Bank, the Swing Bridge and Dean Street[2], which makes it more interesting…

Lunch was a hoisin duck wrap from Pret, which was rather nice. I’ll have to do that one again.

And this evening, I managed another exercise session – the usual stuff, with a peak heart rate of 141. Not bad.

[1] That reminds me, I have another picture of the Talk of the Tyne demolition to post. When I remember.
[2] And vice versa on the way home

6 thoughts on “More progress

  1. Les Post author

    What language would you like me to translate it into? :tongue:

    Hoisin sauce: seasoning often used in Chinese food, especially with aromatic crispy duck.

    Duck: aquatic fowl, or in this case the meat from one.

    Wrap: a kind of sandwich made by placing ingredients on a flat thin bread (something like a tortilla) and rolling it up.

    Pret: Pret a Manger: chain of sandwich shops specialising in fresh, quality ingredients, with all sandwiches hand made on the premises.

    Any more questions? :rolleyes:

  2. Twisty

    Thank you for translating into American language – I am now enlightened and shall sally forth a better person for it.

    Yes, I have another question: why are bees’ knees so great, anyway? :bouncy:

  3. Les Post author

    I take it that it was “duck” that had you confused?

    Bees’ knees[1]: sorry, that’s confidential. They made me promise not to tell you, but I can say it’s something to do with honey.

    [1] Congratulations on correct placement of the apostrophe

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