While enjoying that nice bottle of Shiraz, I was watching Lewis on ITV1. This was a pilot programme of a spin-off from the much-missed Inspector Morse series based on Colin Dexter’s novels. Morse was very popular indeed[1] and starred the late John Thaw as the crossword-solving, real-ale-drinking, ever-so-slightly-grumpy Chief Inspector Morse, and Kevin Whatley as his long-suffering sidekick, Sergeant Lewis. Morse died in the last episode, and sadly, John Thaw died not long afterward, robbing us of any chance of a revival of the series (prequels, that kind of thing).

Anyway, ITV have decided to attempt a comeback. Lewis is now an Inspector, and at the start of the story is just returning from secondment in the British Virgin Islands. He finds himself working with Sergeant James Hathaway on a murder case that (in typical Morse fashion) develops into something quite confusing indeed.

The body count mounts, and as with the classic Morse series, it’s never quite what you’re expecting.

A thoroughly enjoyable pilot – I hope more episodes will follow.

[1] I only caught up with it at the end of its run, but I’ve since seen every episode on DVD

2 thoughts on “Lewis!

  1. Bob Steel

    An excellent programme. Let us hope that a series is made. The characters were very good and having nodded in the direction of Morse Lewis and his sidekick/sargeant are a good and different combination.

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