Some improvement

After yesterday’s really scary weight, today’s figure of 209.4 pounds (14 stone 13.4 pounds, 95.0kg), while still too high, comes as something of a relief.

I did manage to walk to and from work today, for the first time this week. I still need to do more exercise, but I can’t quite get myself sufficiently motivated. Mutter, mumble, etc.

On another note, I’m thinking about trying to get myself to do something different. It’s something I’ve made half-baked attempts at previously, though not for many years. Writing. No, not using a pen, but actually attempting to assemble words into a form that someone might actually want to read. I type quite a few words for Losing it[1], so it’s just a matter of:

  • Deciding what to write
  • Writing it
  • Re-writing it
  • Re-re-writing it :tongue:
  • Getting someone else to read it

Hmmm. I can see I’m going to have to work on that. Focus. Direction. Dare I say it, advice, even. I bought a couple of magazines and a book at lunchtime, which I’ll be using to try to make a start. One option I’m considering is a correspondence course – not hideously expensive, and it would make me expose my work to review. If I do get round to doing anything, I’ll be, err, writing about it here.

Don’t expect any novels in a hurry, though. :lol:

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